What is REx-PN™?


Before you can become a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN/LPN) in Ontario and British Columbia, you must successfully complete the Regulatory Exam – Practical Nurse also known as Rex PN exam. This examination measures the competencies required of nurses at the beginning of their nursing career in Ontario and British Columbia.

All other provinces continue to use CPNRE.


What types of questions will be on the
, and how often will candidates get each type?

While most questions on the REx-PN will be multiple choice, the exam also includes multiple response and fill-in-the-blank and some dosage calculations. Some questions will also be provided as exhibits and graphics.Each candidate will receive a unique set of questions. As a result, the frequency and number of each question type will vary for each candidate.

How many times can I give the test?

You have unlimited chances to successfully complete the
REx-PN.Each time an applicant fails the REx-PN™, they will have to wait a minimum of 60 days before they can write the exam again

Key features of our comprehensive REx-PN review program

  • REx-PN exam styled lecture notes provided. 
  • Online classes for flexibility of schedule. 
  • Support is provided throughout the prep program!
  • Work at your own pace but remain accountable with check-ins and reports.
  • Customized mock exams provided throughout the preparation for continuous evaluation.
  • Extensive resources provided – PDFs, reading materials etc.
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